Onye Vè is a Luxury brand. We make you your own fashion icon. We believe you deserve to look like a million bucks.

Our customers' outward image reflects the confidence they feel inside. They are bosses, style forward, and in charge of their own image. Onye Vè is making the principles, and disrupting the norms; our client is the pioneer of the pack, the last one remaining, in the first line, and consistently on the rundown. 

Whether you are the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media expert, we’ll dress you from head-to-toe, as you take the lead in your own life. Every member of our Onye Vè family is one-of-a-kind, though they have one thing in common — the day starts and ends in a Onye Vè attire. 

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Our Community Impact



In a world where small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities, our brand is proud to play a part in their success. Through our Small Business Support Initiative, we're providing financial assistance to entrepreneurs who are the backbone of local economies.

Partnering with grassroots organizations and business incubators, we've allocated funds to deserving small business owners, helping them weather challenges and realize their dreams. Whether it's covering operational costs, investing at our core, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive innovation, create jobs, and foster economic growth. By giving back to small business owners, we're investing in the future of our communities and championing the spirit of resilience and ingenuity.

We're committed to nurturing the future of our communities and championing resilience and creativity.

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In times of uncertainty, unity and support become paramount. That's why Onye Vè has taken the initiative to provide masks to our local community, ensuring that everyone has access to essential protective gear. Partnering with a local organization and community leaders, we've distributed masks to those in need, from frontline workers to vulnerable populations. Our commitment to safety extends beyond our products – it's about empowering and protecting the community we call home.

By donating masks, we're not just providing physical protection; we're fostering a sense of solidarity and resilience during challenging times. Together, we can weather any storm and emerge stronger, safer, and more


The 2023 Grant Fund winner was awarded to Kianee's Luxurious Lashes.


Packages from our first shipment of masks! See more on our Instagram highlights.